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lirik lagu 3style – kayenne


what you know about a limited list of food slid under your door on a sat*rday
have you seen them zombie kits and their end looks like it’s just one slap away
did you ever pick up a knife not for a slice but to get you a fatter cake
was your first eat expensive, healthy, wealthy starter like canopes
what you know about sitting down hungry tuna in the kettle that’s one can a day
have you seen a ting suck off your joints on a mad ting then suck off all the amilase
did you ever risk your freedom cutting through streets and tryna make you a bag a day
was your first zoot so good that it made you a stoner, andele andele
what you about stealing flour just to make dumplings in your cell
i got my job for enhanced side effect was me eating well
have you ever wore the same clothes one week straight come back with a beefing smell
i done it on a regular just to ensure that my pockets swell
did you ever get a visit from the devil and pinch yourself thinking you’re in h*ll
i was visited countless times, ignore, bill up and inhale
was your first l!ck so good that in your head it rang a few bells
mine was lovely, grubby so much i slowed down with the sales
i used to go out on my own b lonely just talking to myself
long walks on my ones not for fun but for my mental health
setting up shop in a park in the dark with food and i didn’t need shelves
white bruddah patterned me a move said it be smooth cause my mans a melt
cereal pack with my dinner 189ml is not enough milk
gyal said my buss taste mad eat some pineapple i just drank lilt
talking bout drink when i’m lean up how much courvoisier have i spilt
my g called me an alcoholic and i just agreed with him still
five days waiting for hooch pick up the 1p and bill
magazine i’m preeing 7 figures that’s 7 models not one mill
3 line phones 33 digits you can holla me for those deals
i’ll be 3*33 minutes cause i’m travelling on 2 wheels
i like my girls short not midgets that’s my height or shoulder in heels
i hate when a girl look fruity that’s orange til her skin get peeled
i like when something is free i won’t pay if i can steal
i hate when feds get involved that’s my clothes in a bag that’s sealed
the jakes want me in the can they want me incarcerated
so any time i see them i ran cause the edge of my ting is serated
bad bs wouldn’t scram cause my t**th ain’t silver plated
when i said i was getting white gold oh lawd you should’ve seen their faces
see me i don’t stunt from when i spent so much not saving
more time don’t even buy lunch even though i can fund my cravings
any time i hear there’s a munch i jump no hesitating
my jeans were baggy last week but they’re tighter with this blade in
the way old friends chat sh*t oh my lawd it’s amazing
if i see them they’re due to run and i can’t be f*cked with the chasing