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free s - kaymuni lyrics


[verse 1: farkz]
wrap a half or wrap the most, i’m gonna hit the t
work towards that m, put in million pound dreams
hit the jugg and hit my bro for teenths of each
now i’m sitting on the threes, rapping bout when i’m free
word shotting never done a thing for me
chef man’s eye, he wanted everything from me
these n*ggas not who they pretend to be
we got bine on bine for all them yutes that envy me
really done a mazza for my dargs
you’re in danger when we’re rolling with them weapons in the car
you know that’s thе crazy deal, we love to lеt it spark
that yute said he’s gonna k!ll me, think he had a change of heart
i heard he tried to run but he never made it far
i watched broski slap the star out the window of his car
had me thinking that he’s freaky, mad tekkerz with his star
rock it, slop it then i squeeze it
no relations with the gang, you’re getting eaten
belly’s still rumbling, my k!llys still scheming
really caught them cases for stacks and drug dealings
told mum “i can’t die”, it’s mob ties that i’m bleeding

[verse 2: kaymuni]
i guess i gotta smile cah my n*gga f is free
how i’m meant to feel though? they gave stigz seventeen
this the kinda sh*t you go through when you sign up for the streets
and man i risked it all for, we don’t even speak
but that’s the game though, my n*gga s said the game’s cold
cah he got twenty years, five summers he ain’t came home
we was in the jailhouse buying ten draws for eight*o
i stepped out the dirty gates straight into a range bro
gang was there, sis was there
barbershop, ten minutes later man, the bl!ck was there
cah we can’t slip out here
you didn’t know n*ggas turn pack in these streets
mandatory fl!ck shank if i ain’t packing the heat
mummy said she don’t ever want me back on the threes
told my mummy that i promise i ain’t planning to leave
free my n*ggas dem, i swear i can’t wait till they’re free
and they just hit a little different cah it used to be me
[verse 3: farkz]
we used to jump on a train and just bully the trap
they talk smoke, they ain’t ever spent no money on waps
and free bro, can’t lie he had the runners on tap
that’s two workers phones twerking, got ’em back to back
i shoulda got a nine*to*five but that’s bigger than me
i hit the strip with tt yola and this pk b
and i ain’t taking no cheque, you can’t g*check me
i’m still screaming “free my c’s”, that’s till the whole set’s free
trap still jumping like lebron james
up and down the m*way, had some long days
couple dons real and couple dons fake
me, i’m trill to the end, i don’t bend or fold
i keep it real with my n*ggas, i don’t switch on my bros

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