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lirik lagu ni**as really on tour – kelechi


gimme some familiar. all this new sh-t getting old
getting high and getting low and gettin to it on the road
so now wish i could feel it from the bottom of my soul
someone gimme some familiar. all this new sh-t getting old. i know

i manifested my destiny
i can feel my ancestors protecting my energy
out here fighting a war while inside i’m searching for inner peace
and you known c3nturiii make the sh-t of the century
so let this be a lesson to everything that’s a test to me
no. a preemptive testament just in case i must rest in peace
i won’t say i’m a prophet but i won’t say that i’m not
but my messiah ain’t profit from cotton while getting dressed for free
i know that you feel me vibratin’
i went to h-ll and denied satan
leviathan drowning in holy water poured outta my soul like libations
i’m in these venues like live nation, my minds racing
only know the value of racing time when your times wasting
overdue a rollie. you n-ggas owe i’m not playing
i raised the bar and raised the quote up writing quotables
just know yourself and you gone know what’s non negotiable
gone till november. when we done with the tour?
my first tour is second nature like i done it before
the chiefs move like the mob we can’t mention it all
i swear it’s layers to this sh-t i’m getting dressed for the fall
destined to ball. i try to tell‘em that you reap what you sew
that’s it’s easier to achieve it when you seen it before
that life is just what you make and it’s really that simple
still n-ggas be looking at me like i’m speaking in code
chief told me i got the stance of a winner. go from the van to a sprinter
get me a bus and heat it up. feel like i’m canceling winter
while twitter running round cancelling n-ggas
like jesus wasn’t shaking hands with the sinners
i’m finna damage these n-ggas
dennis the menace, man the kid is a handful
d-mn full of myself, no appet-te for no canned food
they want a hand out, i’m out here with my hands full
i’d rather k!ll a rapper put his head on the mantle
it’s a done deal
the darkest nights still know the suns real
tell sony we know we gonna need more than one mill
tell warner we know we gonna need more than one mill
cause how it’s looking i prolly need more than one deal
i’m in the mirror like: “that n-ggas life is unreal”
i just pray that when i’m rich this sh-t is fun still
i talked to chano he told me this sh-t is fun still

yeah, this sh-t is fun still