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lirik lagu the lights – kenny diaz


kenny diaz ft. reddawn * “the lights”
[emcee(s): jedi bateria (aka son of spock) and spectrum]
[producer(s): kenny diaz]

[intro: reddawn]
spectrum: it is now time to enter the zone.  (jedi, spectrum, jedi, spectrum, jedi). spectrum: the light
jedi bateria (aka son of spock): pyramindz
spectrum: h.o.r. strike hard
jedi bateria (aka son of spock): yo
spectrum: bless ‘em

[interlude: spectrum]
yeah, yeah, and it’s on in here. yeah, yeah, (what?) and it’s on in here. yeah, yeah, (what?) ‘cause it’s on in here

[verse 1: jedi bateria (aka son of spock)]
i leave remains
just to tell the vision. rappers? i sit ‘em down like victims
and ask ‘em questions if they were open ‘cause they’re more
ignorant than me. in my early teens, i be picking adver*
*saries at random, divide the scene like a phantom ‘cause, for these
rappers, i couldn’t care less even if they were bystanders
jedi’s a highlander with thoughts that are immortal. your crew is
singular, n*gga, while my armor is plural. dare
exploit the last resort? each rhythm is written, we’re thinking like mozart, rhymes
tranquilize minds with no dart, the art i ran egyptian
i mark spots and drop cards according to opposition
i’m conditioned to this crisis, devices is rejected
as it was, it’s given by your psychiatrist. i wave
when i break your pencil like your patience to bring it to this rap nation
invasion like trespassing when i was given permission
by my own signature. this musician is
infinite like music too amusing to the audience
fusions of insight, the crowd is too colorful while all i need
is the spotlight to have you bleeding like the hype

[verse 2: spectrum]
and know that i will never
stall with my thinking, yo, ‘cause life’ll catch you sleeping
you preach and teach these [?], but the projects got your scruples
in dark parks with kids in playgrounds, the youth is wild. in the
blink of an eye, i’m a stressed man with no oppor*
*tunities ‘cause uncle sam, yo, haunts me. this pile of sh*t
gets deeper, foes they act like, friends are getting bent when trying to
screw me. my girl be acting moody [?]
sheisty, my pops told that [?] who’s to game, so who’s to blame?
on all these f*cking drugs, they got me o.d.’ed in o.t
athletics was ambition, rookies are petro
careers is washed*up, so they let go. yearning to be hard*rocks
with slingshots [?]. since the birth
of hip hop, my one love is getting f*cked. i need room
to breathe beneath the industry. never mainstream ‘cause the
main theme of a dream in the drug scene is what these
emcees have in common, starving for contracts like hungry
hostages. i’m losing sleep trying to make ends meet
never stress the enemy ‘cause cars and riches simply don’t
impress me. spectrum will be the lyricist
coming off like this. h.o.r., we strike
hard (house of repz)

[outro: spectrum]
hahahaha, peep it like that