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lirik lagu 3 p – kevin flum


[verse 1]
yeah, wake up in the morning i got millions on my mind
i got h-lla sponsors they just ask me for my size
tryna cop a watch even though i don’t got the time
they say i got the gift i guess thats why they all surprised
poppin and whipping i’m rolling like
seven, i’ma do me b-tch i’ma die a legend
i’ma make em all say preach like a reverend
old i can take little weed that i have is
old i can be me, and i got good game no gg
you know i heard your cd, that sh-t just sound so pg
that sh-t just had me sleepy
i’m talking zee zee zee zee
at the bed like hee hee hee hee
cause the money coming in like fiji
like. yeah, and i like that sh-t
came with the good better like that sh-t
roll it up for me i’ll wife that chick
think of a song and i’ll type that sh-t
go joint after joint, then i score point after point
i’ma go face me a doink
that is for all the distress
sometimes this life is a mess, after all this sh-ts a test
bet your -ss i’m gonna p-ss, bet your -ss i get an a
bet your -ss i’m on a roll
bet your -ss i’m on a stage
bet your -ss i’m gonna blaze (blaze)

bet your -ss i’m gonna blaze, yuh
so get the f-ck up out my face (get the f-ck up out my face, yeah,)
why you all up in my sp-ce, yeah (why you all up in my face?)
get the f-ck up out my face, yeah, my face

[verse 2]
black on black my everything
but i’m showing up with a betty, white
had to post that boomerang and a dog selfie like very, nice
pullin’ up in that new new
no more asking me who’s who
real recognize, real man my hundreds looking’ like blue’s clues (yeah, blue’s clues)
ooh, took her for poki she got right to
posting they started making all of them faces
i cannot take you to places, girl, why you so basic
i got plenty room up in my section: tequila, bacardi her best friend
wanna smoke is that a question yo, come learn your -ss a lesson
like uh, feeling’ good but i’ve been better
i’m just tryna be a trend setter
i’m just tryna be the top dog (top dog)
introduce me but i been better
think i found her in the dms
let me hit it to the pm
kevin is such a gentleman, oh my god can you believe him
gotta come in like the seasons
find me going with the pieces
find me going where the weed is
shower my chick with adidas
shower myself with some cash (cash)
picking a car by the dash (dash)
drive it like i live fast (live fast)