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lirik lagu click clack* – key!


lyrics from snippet

no rap cap
yeah, no cap, i’m not playin’
alright, peace, bankroll
how long before i d*ck this tiny b*tch?
woah, kenny

ayy, ayy, cl!ck*clack
mossberg, pump sh*t
[?], glock leave you slumped (leave you slumped, ayy, ayy)
gone with them assumptions (gone with them assumptions)
we ain’t f*ckin’, you just mothaf*ckin’
she thick, ayy, i’m rich, ayy
mad that i don’t keep a thirty clip
pair of b00bs, that’s a hunnid in the clip
beyblade, i’ma let diablo rip (diablo rip)
yeah, let that b*tch ride that d*ck (ooh)
when i leave, all the strippers dip, hey (ooh)
ayy, and that dolph get ’em off (get ’em lit)
i pop that .223 (ayy), turn a strong n*gga soft (ayy, ooh)
ayy, t*o (turn it off)
hurry up, t*o (open up that moshpit, ooh)
yeah, turn young savage up (turn young savage up)
yeah (yeah), turn young savage up (open up that moshpit, ooh)