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lirik lagu 03′ adolescence remix – keyankh


am i good to go?
know i’m saying sh-t get hard
it’s a lot of lessons but uh


i grew up in this city falling victim to women
the ones who throw themselves at you and then pretend that they didn’t
a life lesson i learned to never ever l-st with them b-tches
cause they mistake that for love but inside my feelings missing
believe in god that’s beneficial, ain’t been to church in a while, but i could see not praising him could turn ya life around
i knew n-ggas who had college scholarships and turned em down
cause they thought the block was gone feed the whole d-mn crowd
look at em now they see me man, d-mn they look around
pick ya head up, its people in the clouds, who looking down, that’s on you
far as my city goes sh-t im the truth, spit these words through the wire like shaka, but i sin too
i ain’t perfect but im worth it, making better effort for certain, days ain’t getting longer, a f-ck a new years my life get shorter
f-cked up part about it, been knowing this stuff since shorties, and you lie in raps, that sh-t get boring
and your hoes ain’t foreign you know it
we both go back to middle-cl-ss homes at the end of days
ain’t special, plenty people a love to see me let up
but i can’t i gotta grip, pause that i gotta spit, haachuu
how these n-ggas think they really it, like really b-tch
what message you spreading for children who listening
don’t need my daughter claiming she got baking soda and plenty bricks
as life descends i fall amends to the benz, his face and that 100 be the reason so many be dead
they say money root of all evil sh-t it’s starts with yourself
be thinking that you can’t get it, but he got it so you rob him
that ain’t the way life work, but your train of thoughts been burnt
thats from the smoking, arguing, yelling and sh-t it’s hard to focus
being kosher when so many around me be acting like you owe them
but bro d-mn i miss you, f-ck happened im still convinced you
didn’t shoot yourself in the head and two times at that
i seen you at your funeral
sh-t that was a shot to my heart
now i go hard not for me
but for your son and my daughter
and im show him how to be a man, in the ropes if he caught up
then he can call me
but its crazy right now sh-t he about to be 3
i guess im planning the future, a safety rafts on me
just being cautious, but cautiously taking steps through this life
cause i could end up like so many if a n-gga didn’t try
but i got reasons and goals to apply, its cosigned from my mind
hey don’t get caught in the system, see it’s a loop of lies
we fixed to mind the fact that 8 dollars a hour worth our life
thats everyday, 9 to 5 or 5 to 9
wasting this time, but too confined to these payless jobs, when know what we want
its just the cycle of circles fog in the mist that i’m sparking
im just another n-gga who trying to spread this f-cking message
like forward text’s, most people just can’t confess it
but i guess i ain’t them
feds question no talking, my city frostbit
but not frosted but i know these n-ggas flakes
riding with jakes in the backseat, with ya hood on think you that sl1ck
you silly rick, considering i seen you before you got in it
my spidey sense was tingling, i could smell a snitch a mill of me
literally, don’t got energy for this lyrical conspiracy
bourne ident-ty bout to be released to the world
that’s if the verbs as good as they percentage be boy
its residual joy, for the boy
im like what decisions could k!ll a n-gga
like pac said you could only do it once
and since im here b-tch
imma live it, thats straight up
motherf-ck the police, my mind be free f-ck a louis v, ferragamo family gotta eat
like pr-nto before i do that’s real sh-t, who wouldn’t feel this
like sober births of pregnant b-tches, want mills for generations
but happiness gets misplaced, said just be patient
that’s what they all say man, that’s what they all say man, d-mn


things change rearrange
and so i realize
it ain’t always for the better
just live your life
n-ggas gone backstab
just keep your pipe
cause you would never let another end your own life
uh you would never let another end your own life