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lirik lagu 2lethal – ‎keyz143


uhhh scope on ur brain we dnt worry bout da distance
sho ur face u in range then

evrything around me f*ckin blowing lik a time bomb
i cud try derail it but i do not wear a stop watch
i was gogo dancing wasn’t worried bout a beat drop
i was 17 and usin fake ids to get rocked
evrything around me f*cking blowing like a time bomb
i was tryna stop it switching ##s on a wall clock
now i’m dodging bullets aiming red dots on a mall cop!
now i feel like avril it’s 2 easy 4 a day job

babie keep it up u got 1 mission
scope to the brain we dnt care ab assistance
baby keep it up u got 1 mission

mwah x666 that’s a sweet dream recipe
i cnt rest,, anytime recently
baby take it ez i cnt fix it wen ur angry
& u run around my mind like a pastel pink mercedes
nd nothings evr bettr aftr nites of reminiscing
do u think my nightmares tell the time like i was different
whatevr it’s a uzi to ur brain,, test it try it
i double(w) i babie! i was never lying

baby i been tired i been thinking bout resistance
scope to ur brain we dntt care ab the distance
show ur face u in range then