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lirik lagu naruto uchiha – khalil? (rapper)


kakebunn shino jutsu, in other words shadow clone jutsu

blazing on the track boy,i am a king so you callin’ me highness, mining away its only the fineness, slide on our mama just like a ripstick, take out my hand you know you go kiss this. no i’m not sasuke but i can see you mangekyou is on, it’s time for a redo, run that thing back just like a clone. naruto sakura ain’t never bone

i am so clean, no i’m not ignis, some of my dawgs pull up and you get hit quick, kakashi a goat, well if you say so. end of the war my man, neji got halo that mean he died, oh sh-t got spoilers, stop watching dub just like a quickfl!ck, dub is behind by many episodes
i’m gonna rasengan, [yea yea watch out]

i’m calling my gang ,but we is not anbu. your talking a mess, well itachi can slaughter you, i am not joking don’t play around. jiraiya a goat, my man should see me in a crown. im whipping out water, so im gonna catch you. ramen real good if we need strength we get it, they do not lie when they call me a goat like nine tails vs pain, i’m no joke

im get a nice life so you call me a king. she looking cute and she best not dm me, it is a clone so i will not respond(chidori). im tired to a straw we’re not talking james bond. hitin’ the milly this is some fun. me and my ninjas are tied to a joint. we are ninjas so are woke. ignore that last night, you know imma smoke. yea yea, you know imma smoke it is real close. you call me a goat. im whippin out water, i’m out on a boat, if i was just talking they would call me the goat

hokage, that me i’m the hokage