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lirik lagu love spell – kickback


written by hal hollander
i’m gonna make you love me
i know just what to do
with a little lock of your hair baby
i’m gonna put a spell on you
i’m busy making a love pill
i’ll put it in what you eat
when you wake up tomorrow
you’ll think of nothing else but me
you’re never gonna stop dreaming about me
you’ll want to give me your heart
and your soul too
i’ll put them in a bag to wear around my neck
and never ever give them back to you
theres a reason for my actions
for everything i do
because i know you put a love spell on me
to make me love you the way i do
i can’t eat, i can’t sleep
i walk around in a daze
i’m gonna turn your love spell back on you
and make you feel the very same way
verse 2, chorus
verse 3&4 ….repeat