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lirik lagu time of your life – kid ink


time of your life

you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta, leave..
i think i got a, uhhh
yeah, kid ink, tell em!

yeah i said, you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta leave
my bad, i know this isn’t usually your scene
but don’t worry about it girl, just be yourself
and i swear, i ain’t gonna, i ain’t gonna say a thing
now go just have the time of your life, the time of your life, let it go
go go go, have the time of your life, time of your life, baby let it show

[verse 1]
yeah let me show you how we do it
know i came through deeper then the sewer
yeah i got my whole crew and you could be anywhere
all around the world, but if you ain’t f-cking here
then i don’t know what you’re doing
i see you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta, drink
come swing by my table i got everything you need
bottles, kush, blowing like a whistling referee
take a shot, don’t be afraid, girl just put on for your team
go ahead show me what you got
take a ride back it up and baby park it in my lot
and you don’t even need a cup, take a bottle of ciroc
and when you hear me yell cut, that mean take it from the top, now


[verse 2]
now it ain’t no reason to be insecure
you sick of the same thing, baby here’s a cure
just take a lane change, welcome to the fast life
-ss like that, bring it back, like the past life
yeah i said, you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta be so shy
we’ll be up all night, no we never out of time
feel like can’t n-body see me, out of sight out of mind
give me 25 to life, if being fly is a crime
yeah i’m lying i don’t want to go
nowhere but the sky, feeling high as i wanna so
come and take a ride on the alumni honor roll
and i can put it down, take you down baby on the low

[chorus x2]

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