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castles - kill the con man lyrics


keep going to the left you get back all your guns
defense against a state bloodthirsty as they come
violence to keep us safe sometimes reality
it’s left with no choice i’ll protect my community

no knock, no mercy
i will defend

there’s a difference in defense and looking for a k!ll
homicidal hunter with a l*st that’s unfulfilled
unprovoked revenge

what’s your justification for taking a life
what’s your motivation to be the divine

you are not a hero just for ending somеone’s life
you werе just a coward afraid of a f*cking fight

i get it you’re hurt
no amount of pain gives you the right
i get it you’re hurt
but you’re still the same person after someone dies

where is your home
you go out into the street
with a bullsh*t excuse, your delusions unleashed
you go into a public place
only to destroy what we try to create
you get away with murder, but you won’t get away

we will have the final say in the end
justice for another fallen friend
we will have the final say in the end
justice for our fallen friends

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