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lirik lagu coel hen – kill travis


laid in the ground like coel hen
raised up by the gods like stonehenge
riding h-ll’s horses to a drive-by
dark wishes burn into the night sky
feel my form turn and augment
lost touch c-nt, i’m out in orbit
putting on for my burnt city, see the yellow as i drop fifty
jump the gate at flinders street, peaking in the middle of acmi
now i’m feeding from a wh0r-‘s throat
weapon stashed in the h-lly coat
run sh-t as i watch the sun dip
you don’t bleed blood ’til i say b-tch
bloodstained, walking out of the mist
head severed, hair gripped in my fist
f-ck what you think like jadakiss, just watch how the metal drip
lights flash off the yarra’s lips
three eyes dilated as i grip her hips
coughing up blood in the sink, peaceful as my body sinks
riding h-ll’s horses to a drive-by
dark wishes burn into the night sky
put your t–th on the carbine
watch life, as it slides by