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lirik lagu 11pm in london – killah con


i’m on the beat with el-p? oh no, it’s just me
no k!ller mike, i’m k!llah con, but he’s my b
if you don’t recognise the beat, here’s a lesson for free
produced by run the jewels, but the verse is all me
yeah i’m back in the game, brought to life by ak
5 years so far gone, now i’m in team ka
inspired by old drake, all grown up like new jay
but from my views from the 6, i feel like nothing’s the same
i’m unchanged but unchained, you’re unpaid and un-laid…
like the limbs of exodia, you’re about to get played
it’s like i’m seto kaiba, and you’re joey wheeler
you’re fired like i’m sugar, i’m the realer wheeler dealer
get young jeezy on the phone, as real as it gets
one and done with rap battles, with a noose ’round your neck
i’m not a rapper though, i’m supa hot fire
my bars, my soul, my trim, my twin is stringer from the wire
i speak only truth, no liar. all day like myles dyer
you think you’re cool, well i’m flier. rhymes so slick you’ve retired
i’m so sick it’s contagious, ladies queuing for ages
from the present to the tudors to the invention of pages
stay subscribed for the latest, this ain’t the end of the greatest
lyrical mind since common, “my dome is where fate is”
that means i’m the determinant, of my own predicament
by remaining articulate, my potential is infinite
i’m eddie morra in limitless, my brain is my limits and
if it weren’t for sertraline i’d be at wits’ end
yeah it just got personal, i sincerely hope you’re listening
this ain’t superficial, this is my truth that you’re witnessing
cognitive dissonance, life is far from glistening
by the end of this verse you’ll realise my mind is not innocent
my mind’s been tainted by the hatred of failure and defeat
determination’s never failed me, i don’t go down when i’m beat
been through h-ll twice and i’m back, they even saved me a seat
on the throne of despair, now the king’s back on his feet
warpstrike me all you like, i won’t go down like ifrit
i’m not man, i’m beyond. y’all n-gg-s just fresh meat
getting roasted by this amateur, i’m like bronson in both ways
does this verse ever end? i could dhal sim this for days
fighting off the anxiety, i still feel the shame
and the fear that one day i will succ-mb to the pain
it never truly goes away, this ain’t no david blaine
like darkness, it’s eternal. i think i’m going insane
in the membrane, in the brain, both ways it’s the same
continuing my mistakes, losing sight of the aim
my focus is so high, but i’m f-cking not plane
yeah that’s a triple entendre, i’m lyrically untamed
don’t judge a crook by his mother, or his face or his brother
or the fact that he’s still yet to discover a lover
i’m still a stunner, no stutter. a mental gunner, no rubber
to extract the truth from this verse you’ll have to go undercover
look beyond my colour, look beyond my dust cover
listen beyond my shutter, listen beyond my thunder
and you’ll discover i’m tougher, defined by all i have suffered
outgrowing the community for the city, no glover
raised from psychological gutters, now i’m in front of the buzzers
and i’m buzzing, so i’m audi, here’s a feast for you buzzards