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lirik lagu where the rhyme go – killah priest


your name ring aloud on the steeple over the hood most illegal people
underworld staff
k!ller motel’s a blood bath
thug laughs, spars and holding the war bars
b*tches removing they clothes and they bra
cigars, toast to the most ferocious

wait, where the rhyme go?
i don’t know
wait, where the rhyme go?
oh yeah, oh yeah

yo, sp*ceship shape*shift to a [?] cd
embrace it, rip off the plastic, it’s classic
since “basic,” that’s the sp*ce kit
oh far from the average
wait, remind the mind backwards
heavy mental chapters classic
atoms to atoms, i got ‘em, the wisdom song was the master
priest never peaks

hold up, where the rhyme go?
wait, where the rhyme go?
yo, where the rhyme go?
oh he.. , oh, oh, oh yo, here it goes
yo, abraham, isaac and jacob
land on our place with [?], [?]
kosher meals, turban virgins versus frankin*myrrh*cense
coming from the merchants
shalom, ock, thrones
gold and a million sheep and a million ox
castles, apparel, rocking mad jewels and statues of me [?] holding my kids
head wrapped for my daughter’s unborn still in the womb of a woman that’s strong

hold on
where the rap go?
yo, where the rap go?

walter reed, psychic world of children
top billing, follow my lead
y’all emcees are not in my league
when i’m writing, the mind gets excited
brain cells get ignited
left side, right side get united
can the biggest rapper f*ck with me?
faith of a mustard seed
gas up too much antifreeze
i need rap since adidas and ski hats
i love divas that used to squeeze and pat asses that pass me in class and school like woool said
but where the rhyme go?
hold up, where that rhyme go?
yo, where that rhyme go?

redman, “time 4 sum aksion”
wu*tang clan, the sunz of man, franklin and [?]
gates ave
son told me i’ll be a great man
that way i stand on top of the sand
no metropolis
i got a new plan i’m dropping
throwing parades for my n*ggas coming home from the judge’s long day
salute to the hard rocks
tribute to the brothers from the past off my block
to all the old ladies who watched
“basic instructions before leaving earth”
rest in peace again, [?]

where the rhyme go?
where the rhyme go?
hold up, where the rhyme go?
i don’t know