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gray man #jan2023 - king abaddon lyrics


i ain’t gon say too much
f*ck, yeah

i ain’t gon say too much when a n*gga speaking on that hot sh*t
f*ck the police cuz them b*tches ain’t gon stop sh*t
oppositions mad, if they play, they getting popped quick
flyest n*gga in the game, yeah, i’ma c*
posted on camelot with a hunnid some shottas
i be swimming with the sharks, lil n*gga, you a lobster
heat a n*gga up like he eating on some pasta
and shoutout to kingston, i keep

heart and soul, i fell in love with you
heart and soul, the way a fool would do
madly, because you held me tight
and stole a kiss in the night

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