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lirik lagu demonsinyotrap! – king cobra hi c


c boogie, wow!

i just popped a bean, powered up, i’m in beast mode
got her on the drugs, now yo b*tch, she in freak mode
walk inside the club and i left wit a freak ho
pedal to the medal hi*c, i’m in go mode
[?] n*ggas tryna steal my lingo
smoking backwoods rolled fat, like burrito
ice on my wrist make it look like a snowglobe
blood red shoes b*tches calling me diablo

blunt game strong but my pockets on [?]
all these c notes like the keys on piano
she a good girl, but i f*ck her like a nympho
got yo b*tch moaning so loud that she echo
step on b*tches hearts, h*ll naw you not special
hi*c i been kicking sh*t like taekwondo
kicking sh*t like [?]
got her p*ssy dripping like the wax on a candle

tryna steal my swag n*gga let go of my eggo
quarter ounce of shrooms had me buzzed like a cell phone
got a new plug he stay out in colorado
i got different [?] on me like carmelo
got a redbone ass up, and she face down
tryna hit the scene, run it up, gucci snake’d down
shop ’til i drop, all my credit cards maxed out
too juiced up to the max, i be swagged out
hi*c i be flexing hoes like a wrestler
and i keep them bunnies on me like hugh hefner
hunnids on me, i’ma spend on whatever
need a bad b*tch, i can’t f*ck on whoever

b*tch, yuh
hi*c, yuh, yuh
shoutout my n*gga [?]
rcb, b*tch
[?] trap n*ggas