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lirik lagu brotherz hood – king corey


king korey:(intro)
watch me hop on the beat and send it to the morgue
i cut you like an edit so don’t feel imported
my clique so foreign like we got imported
aye i’m sick of these n-ggas they make up everything like atoms
i’m stuck in they heads like a good anthem
they mouth solid like m-ss when we p-ss’em
i need to chill i’ve been wilding
my bands phatter than my clique’s wallet
and my gang we don’t need no smaller pockets
i’ve been going hard i’ll sleep when i’m fed n-gga
stay away from the feds keep my family fed n-gga
wake up in beast mode worn by the time i get to
bed n-gga (worn out by time i get to bed n-gga)
mc alpha:(verse 1)
we done ran up yo gang for a minute now
been in the cut feel like n-ggas forgettin now
the kid who got all this mess figured out
i’ve been living loud(i been living loud)
that’s why you never hear me now
unless i”m on the beat(gang,gang)
i owe no favors i’ve been on my feet
i own bars i don’t lease vro
lean on them foes sippin on lean tho
i’m a pro i hit the beat like it’s zero g-flo
i flow like sp-ce in time
sleep in on hunnit verses cause i never lack rhymes
yeah got bars for days put the g in game
trippin on that green all i see is green
watch yo back or you gon have some holes than a tv screen
i wanna be the best wordsmith i’m legend ain’t no will smith
aye but i’m tryna start a new page,fresh like i just got out the shower
red cool-aid make that even louder
i know i always rap bout money and my clique
you don’t have to tell me i’m aware of it
some rich n-ggas rap about being poor and lone
it is what it is,i don’t plan you n-ggas like gnomes
lil shaun:(outro)
let me say one thing je suis pas come les autres(not like the others)
n-ggas be actin funny like i said a joke
i should get full body cast i done been broke
i been low like playin limbo my rhymes so flexible
pure like a gemstone(brother hood)
it sucks to have no view outta yo window
i took so many l’s still gonna win tho
should be a baker i’m foreva caked up
i wake up like i gotta keep my cake up
my girl is all natural she don’t wear no makeup
snap on a beat like a seizure (like a seizure)
i don’t do this for the money been doing this for leisure
i’m so over the top with it over believer over achiever
my bars hotter than yo moms fever
good at pressin x’s i’ll murk you in fifa