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lirik lagu 0 to 400 – king libra


verse 1
forget keeping it 1 hunnin
n-gga i keep it baltimore 4 hunnin
they be on that chiraq real quick
no dissing but i ain’t wit the half of it
oh god ad-libing like im big sean you the guy
my actions and achievements been making a name
how am im so quiet but they know who i am bruh
if yall wit it then yall wit it gangsters move in silence
so dont talk about it be about it
shoutout to them girls out here holdin down 410
bae all up in my phone lookin through my pictures
she going be upset cause i got her slippin oh god
but she sn-tch the phone when i go through her sh-t
ain’t nothing serious she just shy
if i ain’t the best at what i do im trying to better my dude
that mean im trying be better than my best
dont be taking my sqaud for granted cause we’ll really let yall really have it
this track ain’t nothing but a target
cause i hit it up like gratta
godd-mn boy
who the h-ll them n-ggas is boy
ykf man we really with the sh-ts boy
really really really really really wit it boy
i should prolly make my own label f-ck yall boy
forget all that lamont you moving fast boy
i be on my kanye west chiraq boy
yeah i be that spur of the moment boy
all down yall girl timeline cause im a hot boy
wasn’t stuntin enough for me to be a one other
so now im all in my moms living room i put in work boy
either that or im wit my girl over west dont call her cause she chilling wit her boy
datpiff season use to drop them mixtapes
cousin hit me up said anyhting i need he got me
gotta write every night to throw anything on a beat
thats la famila
oh god boy ad-libing like big sean boy
i mean i got my own ad-lib get off my back gosh
im just here trying win here again boy
but dont make me have to smash another rapper boy
clah! i whippin it go speed racer go
speed racer go speed racer
yeah i mean you already wrote for us
d-mn drake just recited another one
oh god there i go big sean
im just trying be one of you guys but better g
im ready…heh awwready gotta stay ready
since my dad and kev took me to the studio they promised every weekend we’ll go
valuable lesson you gotta do it on your own
thats why its libra featuring libra
and also i do it for my n-ggas and myself n-gga

i go 0 to 400 n-gga real quick
real quick ykf on that king sh-t
0 to 400 n-gga real quick
real quick ykf on that king sh-t
0 to 400 n-gga real quick
real quick ykf on that king sh-t
0 to 400 n-gga real quick
real quick ykf on that king sh-t

whole squad on that real sh-t

verse 2
everybody look yeah everybody listen
i been feeling im about to break down
highschool valedictorian but im feeling like the cl-ss clown
mom and dad ask hows school i just give them the same response
its all good
exes from the past asking me how i been i just give them the same response
its all good
i ain’t with the sneak dissing from these n-ggas i still state the same response
its all good
yeah it was drew xo and if you still ain’t know
im the same old triple o g ran around ddh since i was t.t. in my pampers
now a n-gga grown still holding down 410
and nah i ain’t never stopping my flow
i wanna reach higher than i ever did before
i will never be a underdog but i can see if i could be a ugk and nah i ain’t trying steal his name
mane shout out to my n-ggas ykf
i swear im not selfish im just doing this for my family and my team
but ever since i started rapping nothing was the same
i got that justin bieber so yall n-ggas better believe me
i ain’t really the type to hop on a carter track
and i ain’t listen just cause graham had colloab
okay i lied so what i like the beat
my humble ways make me not talk sh-t but if a n-gga stir some sh-t up with my clique
imma be the one they going have to deal with
man im getting faded
man im never wasted
man the sh-t they rocking is so outdated
me and clique rocking nothing but the latest
you say yo chick better then my girl
n-gga do you know who im dating
and you wanna see my girl
bruh i ain’t that dumb