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lirik lagu 44 bars (remix) – king libra


(what’s up?)
nothing i forgot to call you yesterday and yeah…
(oh…what time you going to school?)
uhh..the gates don’t open till 7 so i probably head back there in a lil bit..i mean a lil after my whites still dr-
(who get off till 7?)
i said the gates don’t open till 7
(oh ok..)
(what was you doing?)
uhh..i just got finished recording this song…

verse 1
i grew up my life feeling neglected
doing what i didn’t know was wrong
i had n-body to check it
worn out shoes
i still be looking cool
at least i thought i did but who would knew
i always stood alone
down to ride for anyone
n-body would tag along
falling in love with the baddest girls in my city
them hoes always dissing me
always after the guys who do them wrong
n-gg-s cheated and the b-tch still came home
i need something newer in my life
i ain’t talking about money cars and clothes
i could use some more hoes
trying to love myself more
so i could love a few more
mama always told me
patience is virtue
my dad genes getting in me like a crease
i could hurt you
im trying be more spiritual
still trying sound more lyrical
f-ck it
im just trying stay alive
in the city where too many n-gg-s die
i just keep it lowkey stay away from anyone who don’t know me
even the police
eyeing a n-gg- down
trigger finger itching
n-gg-s killing n-gg-s over a brick
half a million brick
n-gg-s killing n-gg-s over tracks
can’t get a adlib
so they steal n-gg-s sh-t
do your own thang
young n-gg-s trying get paid
keep them all guessing
always switch it up
locked in box trying sell beats
for these n-gg-s cause i need dollars
they said i ain’t going make it to the league mama
they can’t handle what i got
they can’t handle what im becoming
everytime i dream everything so lavish
everything so vivid
feeling like my mom
too ambitious
can’t wait for the fame
getting too impatient
these girls always get my john confused
wither spoon
my sh-t rocks
my sh-t pops
can’t get my head straight
thoughts around my head
getting tighter can’t breathe
they all up on me
can’t get em off me
them liars
them haters
them n-gg-s
them hoes
is this what i’m heading for?
is this what i’m striving for?
is this what i’m living for

i’m just trying be great