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lirik lagu 4loko – king rico


i’m rico, i’m the f-cking king
i be selling crack, i be selling lean
first blood [?] till the day i die
i never play for another team
[?][?] like mlk
put a p-ssy n-gg- in a f-cking dream
this [?] my dead man shoot a dead man
call j [?], make a f-cking scene
he tryna hit the mall, skip school today
he trnya buy some shoes
buy some shoes today
but i caught his -ss walking out the store
so i put his -ss on the news today
tryna kill me?
make your move today
just know your -ss going to lose today
had to call my plug, say f-ck pills
gotta do some drills
buy some tools today
don’t tweak on me n-gg-
cause i ain’t really in the mood today
i’ll run up on them
put the gun up on them
i’ll wet his -ss like a pool today
i’m on the block
colling with my thot
i ain’t really trna be cool today
but if a n-gg- wanna tweak
cook his -ss
turn his -ss into food today
call [?] ask him where he at
call up skilla, man we need some flex
ride down green looking for a mac [?]
headshots knock his brains out his hat
b-tch i’m downtown running through a check
i don’t want your s-x
i just want your neck
heard some goofy n-gg- said they at my neck
but i’m with my thots like i’m dmx
posted in the field
b-tch that’s where i’m at
trying to check a badge [?], trying to get a sight
trying to catch me lacking
homie this ain’t [?]
because my pole on me like my tat
i be getting money so these n-gg-s mad
i be fresh as h-ll like my f-cking dad
if a n-gg- ever try disrespect loko
his whole gang going to be wearing shirts with this [?]