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lirik lagu usually – kingdam



i don’t know dem n-ggas i don’t f-ck wit them n-ggas
i don’t know them hoes i don’t them hoes

leather seats the same color as the coacoa up her nose
shawty rubbin’ on my shoulders
and she keep them pre rolls

we be out she got that look on me
i know it’s time to go
light a scroll
hit the road
dirty money on my soul

h-lla naughty
so on christmas i just got 2 lumps of coal
we don’t battle over b-tches
that ain’t how we get it done

we at rally’s wit the munchies
burn the callies when we home
i’m finna wing it like i’m mallys
or the baseheads from the zone

my name is bennett
i ain’t in it, if the room ain’t reefer scented
i like grinches mixed with grimace
that’s that green wit purple in it


gettin’ money and i know that they don’t like that
opinions like the spot that we all wipe at
imma make this move i’ll be right back
imma make this move i’ll be right back

my n-gga came through dour
where my light at
service 24/7 wit the wave cap
n-ggas talkin heavy pressure and get disrespectful
then have the nerve to see you publicly and want dap
lungs look like car parts smoke intake
at the waffle house
chillin’ wit the cook on his cig break
shrimp and steak, on my plate since ‘08
i f-ck around and take a plane
and drop off somewhere out in norway

rollin or smokin the bong
i like the blunts and the cones
imma get high as a b-tch
pine in the whip
ain’t even rollin in that
speaking it so it exist
waiting for who?
you gon be waiting a minute
i just might pull me a chris
i just might pull me a slikk
workin’ it in with the wrist

deeper than rap do ya dig
st. louis f-ck wit the kid
yeh aye
nv we up on the score
n-ggas ain’t touching the sh-t
i’m hittin’ 70
down in a beater like rocky
my -ss still punching and sh-t
i gotta move
wheel falling off of the whip
wheel gon’ fall off of it then