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lirik lagu untitled – kinglilak


yeah, i’m only 13 but in my sporatic mind im 23, f-cking around causing scenes, know what i mean?, ain’t like heaven i got a mac 11 and an ak47 b-tches f-ckin up alot of sh-t but that was when i’m gone, cuz they fear me in my physical form, i don’t comprimise this sh-t but i could’ve sworn i f-cked the same b-tch you f-cking with tonight, f-cked her up down left to right you alright? ya’ll better watch your back before lilak pulls the gat and takes your f-ckin stacks, this track lookin whack but heres my plan of attack i’m glad that i’m back, hold it, hold it finna reload the mac

dax gang what i’m reppin the second i step in i spit it like a muder weapon imma keep steppin they don’t know cuz motherf-ckas slepped in f-ckboys keep pretendin that they wreckin but they really not think about it for about a second you reckon motherf-cka? they undercover looking for someone suffer cause they think that they diabolical minds are tougher than let me tell ya it ain’t true motherf-cka