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lirik lagu jazzy juice but samme went clinically insane – kingsammelot


i went down to the dog (lol)
but they didn’t have any sand
i shat with my ass
but f*ck you
they all told me lol lol lol lol lol
the only thing you’ll find is a sans undertale
so i asked my sand
and i asked my brother
and i asked my sh*t

i turned around and saw playstation 5
and i have aids
i was playing on xbox
but then my shoes were loose
i had to retie them
i looked up tits online
i got up and f*cked him sending jizz to the sky
i planted a tree
it’s heading towards my ass
and i cum (huh)

(rap lyrics in reverse)

i hate black people (lol lol lol lol)
all d*mn nuts
busting moves all the way
cheezits suck d*ck
my family is dead
i might go to walmart
i thought maybe i should f*ck my brother
but i started to shuddеr
i’m cold
the juice had taken mе
it took me so long to see
i don’t want jazzy*zy*zy*zy*zy juice

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