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lirik lagu 20 my 20 freestyle – kin$oul


boy, this a freestyle n*gga, i’m having fun with this sh*t
f*ck what you talking about
i be trying to sleep up on that hoe
oh n*gga
ah, yeah, n*gga turnt n*gga
ooh, batgang on the track, b*tch

50, my 50, my 50
20, my 20, my 20
f*ck with that rock, i swear that rock
40 around me without holding it
for your eyes, f*ck you right
red dot, what are you holding
polarize, hot shoes are mine

20, my 20, my toes
pulling up schools, my homies
you wanna stay right now
you wanna vibe like you lonely
pull up, let down of that chrome
i don’t really think you know me
i don’t really think you know me
no you not my homie
robbing, i’m robbing, i put out the coup
that coup, coup, coup
that whoa, whoa
pull out that 28, 28, 28
20 bag got my foe
i might just slip in a fold
they pointing at me, you never would know
slow mo, feeling the moe, tell me you act out on your own
don’t try to play games now, now
pull out the range now
all of them change now
how much dollars sounding same now
feeling so crazy, f*ck that sh*t
i guess i’m not the same now
tell me to rain now
i will probably won’t change now
swish it, swish it, swish
pull up, blade swish
n*ggas be talking that sh*t
water, make it, uh (yeah)
shanty wanna chill
really, she been f*cking up
can i trust a sl*t, huh
only put it in her b*tt
that one, huh
one, one jump, huh
28 gun
pull it, ball hard
star, huh
b*lls, huh
run it right, donald trump, huh
want it, rwar
n*ggas wanna talk, they acting dumb
yeah, look have some dumb
yeah, what you said, what
vool and have some fun
ha, n*gga who
running lot of sum
number one
shooting loud or something
20, ayy, rams, what
yeah, roll it up
yeah, smoke it up
oh, free smoke, i know you choking, bruh
no you lying, i can tell you lying
i can tell you p*ssy tired
i been running for a mile
for a while, i can change up any style, oh
big n*gga come through in a crowd
got ’em dancing, what you jugging
they n*gga dancing
they ri*riding round the city
i don’t know if it was sand