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lirik lagu how it used to be – kirk franklin


“how it used to be”

[verse i]
i ain’t gonna lie
i can’t even count the days
or the many nights i tried living here alone
a heart full of pride
and couldn’t see the enemy was me
i was blind and thought my second chance was gone

[verse ii]
a ship without a sail
battered by a ranging sea
taking any love i can to try and stop the pain
while waiting to exhale
i finally got on my knees
i know it’s been a long time; do you still remember my name?

[b section]
can i go back in time?
can i have another try?
but i can’t change yesterday

oh, i can’t take another day without you
’cause this heart don’t beat the same without
i forgot who was, got caught up in this world
jesus, i apologized
i should’ve lost my mind without you
not another sleepless night without you, jesus
i’m sorry and i’m asking please make us how we used to be

[verse iii]
i try and try too keep my mind on you trouble keep calling me
every time a wound heals, something else take the healing away
and even when i’ve gone too far, you knew there would come a day
momma said what you love let it go and if it comes back, then it’s back to say
you already knew i belong to only you
i run to your arms and say


never knew a life so cold
i thought that things could fulfill my soul
tried to find love on my own
it was hard to admit i was wrong
no money, no cars, no fame, no lies, no games, my life please take it

now it comes to the break (hey)
tell what you gon’ say, you go say (i know i know)
i’ll get my life right but (you know) you ain’t promised tonight
baby girl (without you) [2x]

[chorus 2x]

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