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lirik lagu #1 – kis the indigo


aiht, i bet you ain’t think someone with real bars would reply to ur sorry ass challange, now look

you better put me in your top 5 fore i put 5 in your top
we be like kobe and lebron i shoot then you flop
im real k!lla you don’t gotta ask
cause way before the covid i was in a mask
you just a skater why u tryna rap like wayne?
when your lines trasher than 30% of caine
and if you ain’t gettin p*ssy then what the f*ck you flexing for?
no g star on me but i still f*cked her raw
cooking up with illusive, i ain’t gotta rap bout coke
cause i been there and done that, i am dope
on the mic you choke you sound like a joke
and you can’t fix that and you look really broke
imma help with knocking your t**th out your mouth now
you been on my d*ck at least you won’t bite now
it’s ride or die and we ‘boutta ride now
you claim the south side but you just turned it to suicide now

you punk ass b*tch, better make it number 1