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lirik lagu ​​sickfit (aka tha first) (rare) *secrete* – kitty


i’m 12 years old – call me bieber
sneak me in the club and i’ll give you a fever
chop you up into pieces, and i’ll walk you in the hatch
back your momma’s at your funeral, i’m watching flapjack
shave your asscrack, get ready for some hard facts
i’m little but i’m pretty so just watch your man’s back
red hair, don’t care, [?]’s fair, self aware
kiss me all you want but you won’t make my [?] tear
i’m a disney princess, ride me on your white horse
can’t reach my pacifier, grab it with the force
no remorse, when i grind your face into the tower floors
call it rape but you’ll never take me down in court

my daddy is a lawyer and i’ll take your ass in [?] support
we got mountain dew and grand theft auto in the tree fort
cause if you’re not a stoner, daytona’s pretty boring
and we got sh*t to do, until we gotta start touring
so i just sit around and look at titties on the internet
and talk to f*cking losers that’ll never get their d*ck wet
and everybody knows i met my man on mysp*ce
and if you got a problem, you can say that sh*t to my face
or better yet christina’s, she’ll f*ck you up graceful like an angry ballerina