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lirik lagu 52 – dangerous – kj



can’t forgive or forget
we hold on and it’s dangerous it’s dangerous
we resent we regret we look back but it’s dangerous
living like we do is so dangerous

i wanna hit you up ain’t got the words to say
cause all that junk would do is push you farther away
and every time i see you you acting like it’s all ok
your were the last one i ever thought would fall away
i never thought you’d change never thought you’d stray
and run right back to the very things i know you hate
with all you gone through tell me why you go this way
caught up in the junk going where you came
caught up on the run your everyday the same
you hold your head up high living it w/out no shame
and every day it gets a little harder just try to pray
if i could sit you down here’s what i would say..

your wings are broken yet you keep on flying
every time i talk to you you never recognize it
holding on to your past yet you kept denying
try to mask your hurt in all the junk that your trying
yet i’ll be lying if i said its all ok
your missing church man it’s getting worse today
it’s obvious that you’re hurt that’s the role you play
the one where you blame and push everyone away
i have to say that he’s the one you need
the one that died crucified now on that tree
and the final thing i have to say now honestly
the one i’m talking about is me..

it’s a long hard road to nowhere
and we’re having trouble finding our way
it’s a long hard road to nowhere
need something different someone help me to change