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lirik lagu 52 – it’s goin down – kj


it’s goin down
(feat. canton jones)

we come to party it’s going down
we come to party now jump around (go crazy)
do something crazy it’s going down
do something crazy now jump around

walked in with my fresh kicks
i got a fresh fit man i’m fresh dipped
kind of fresh like a bit of ya fresh mint
after chex mix that ya breath get
nonetheless i’m just gonna step dip
to the dance floor walk to my step flip
got my hand to the roof and my neck slip
back and forth like a dude on a head trip
see i’m a goof and ya best bet
to understand me is just that you best get
up and move just groove till your head sweat
coming through so smooth ready set get
all hands to the roof when we drop the song
cant stand better move when we popping off
when we come in a room better sing along
it’s the tweezy party’s going on like

everybody say (ey oh)

so viscous kind of swagaliscious
a mt dew and a bag of biscuits
i’m gone move like i’m out my senses
cause ya boy twee-zay is back up in this
a big pack of misfits
who found christ then found forgiveness
found life and i found repentance
and it sounds like we just back in business
white and black and we all up in this
like licorice and a pack of chicklets
ridiculous how we act up in this
but we stay on point like a pack of pencils
up to bat swinging for the fences
the same cat who you tried to dismiss
five two its the loaves and fishes
the party don’t start till we all up in this like..

it’s a party up in here everybody’s up in here
though we hardly want to go and sit down
cause of jesus i am free from my pain and misery
he’s the reason why i jump around

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