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lirik lagu lucy – kkill


straight out the mumbling generation of rap where only fake n-gg-s make it back
where only fake n-gg-s make it back
only fake n-gg-s make it back
only fake n-gg-s
only fake n-gg-s make it back
they respect you way more when you dead and gone
the mumbling generation of
lyrical spiritual individual miracle visual 1
spiritual individual miracle visual ru ritual
i remember when i was depressed as sh-t
but your love made me less pessicmistic
see my characteristics was optimistic d-mn
i miss it my heart is prolific my thoughts is livid apart from living
give me a gimmick give me a minute lord i been sinning
i pray you been listening satin been listening i think i’m in prison
i think i need ammunition i think i need permission
what’s your ambition what’s your decisions
i think i’m ah addiction i think your addictive i think i’m addicted
i was conflicted i was afflicted i was predictive i was emissive
i was omissive see i can admit you was the lier i hate you
i know your secrets the receipts are frequent manipulation
secrets the grievance my heart is bleeding
my heart is believing you was a demon meaning you was no meaning
never seen a woman with so much pride you was so beautiful inside
oh my god so beautiful on the outside see oh my god
i think i’m obsessed not with the s-x
just the way you carry yourself cause you blessed & girl
i been upset & dam girl i been stressed where my salvation?
my thoughts incarceration my demons
and the holy spirit creating a abomination suffocation til
i’m in desperation for your love but i’m hating you
and these drugs see i corrupted my heart is erupting turnt something
into nothing now you disgusting gimme substance
what about a concussion now i’m stuck in
instance thank for the -ssistance i you hurt me
and i couldn’t take the distance thoughts of you and another n-gg- co existence
baby i’m selfish baby you can tell i can’t help
my heart is aching my heart blatant
the love was forsaken it’s making me un patience
it’s blood in that water
and that’s the destruction its the making impatient
lil bih think she running good game but i know woah
lil bih think she running good game but i know woah
lil bih think she running good game but i know how it’ go woah woah
woah lil bih think she running good game but i know
lil n-gg- get skewed bout finessed what’s stole
no won’t rap about money cause i’m broke
no won’t rap bout hitting licks like a
b-tch telling fake stories to get rich
yes you a snitch dean told me stop feeling sorry for these hoes
no i won’t never let you go