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lirik lagu king robot theremin – kleenex girl wonder


no one wants to find your body where it lies
come on, lipstick, try me on for size
n-body wants to see your eyes
so grey and cloudy
and no one’s gonna come to see your starry stares
and we must write the questionnaires
for you and yours and them and theirs
we’re so sorry
and all along your weapon systems will collapse
fall down too quick for you to catch
and we’ll shred every singular synapse
to let you know we’re worried

’cause it was him
king robot theremin
like a dried up first baseman with a bottle of gin
and we went to his home, he invited us in
and he wanted to play and he wanted to win

and the time has arrived
but we know that we’ll survive
thanks, aries monsignor and the whole-hearted five
and he walks like a patriot, but he’s talking the jive
you can’t run from the robot who knows he’s alive

i am orthoscopic leaving you my dust
blind, wet, and fair but still unjust
and we’ll lock the cabin if we must
protect the public
task force of tomorrow lives for lost and found
we’ll break it up then break it down
and not a soul will make a sound
when we get moving
just say h-llo lights and night lights blaze and blare
foul sirens pierce the midnight air
but we’ll get there first, we’ll meet you there
we’ll be polluted
you’ll make it back to base with silver heart intact
just so you’ll make a maniac
get the jump on you and break your back
to save the country

and it was him
king robot theremin
twice the irradiant sunshine that we will not let in
and we never knew better, but we’d better begin
for the king of tomorrow is at it again

and it was him
king larva javelin
he was all full of oxides, like an irving berlin
and he menaced unfaithfully, but he brandished a grin
’twas the king of the robots’ unscrupulous twin