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lirik lagu power – knolagee


they don’t want one person to have that much power
is it the hate in they blood
that’s not a question
trying to condemn those ascending
over ancestors
don’t want to learn lessons
just who is better
i’ll just ride his wave
c2 ah make me blow up
yet pulling this lever & dynamite
at your shoulders
clearer than mud
the confusion ah the p*wns
when the air that you breathe
is clear as everyone i promise
it’s hard enough just to find it
& once you stop looking you’ll get reminded
a lotuses seed is your being
an adolescent caterpillar
busting out the genes it’s clear
i am straight ahead
no maahes dont cross
not traveling stormy clouds
yet the rain i drop
the art ah war is not holy
negative is you thoughts
second thoughts get you iced
game cold as your heart
& that’s real
better later then never ever
i seem to catch on quick
as h*ll gives off pain
heaven bounds you in it
as aristotle writes theology
we spread his word
rosetta’s stone found in a tomb
as i write my verse
god body is my temple
& i put it in hers
the only war that can be holy
is the war ah my sperm
to the womb
the terms ah propaganda
make you insane as brain worms
the crawling under your flesh means
organisms injourn
knee deep in your struggle
confidence help it perm
write down all your fears
you gotta watch them words burn
this is life
the cosmic side left is right
in the realms ah angels
spread my wings & just write
she crying for the moon
she don’t know darkness is light
what’s done in the dark seams to make your glow bright
& it’s alright
i understand your whole fight
he broke his promise
“your my world”
just to
sp*ce you out right
dhammas light
holds me up through the night
religiousless universal unicorn up insight ah my life
craving your touch on my face
took couple losses
to bounce back that power make it amaze
i am map
i will not miss a thing
you get just what you put in
so i am not playing no games
i am chose
i am accept in my role
had to scope another yoga
just to show you yèyó
knolagee madara ameen

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