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lirik lagu 4th of july – kodak black


see there’s p-ssy n-gg-s everywhere
gutter n-gg-s everywhere
you n-gg-s buy that sh-t or whatever
yall already know n-gg-s about they issue

i was f-cking with you strong, what’s the issue?
what you wanted? a lil song or a picture?
you say somebody hit your phone like it’s pressure
so we’ll just f-ck it dog, i thought that we was better
what you wanted? a lil shoutout, a lil publicity?
if you asked me i would’ve did it with no resistance
you made a dis song and now you in your feelings
running around telling n-gg-s, they wouldn’t listen
yea you n-gg-s bout that life, but we more realer
everytime you pull a play, we pull one bigger
yea you n-gg-s bout that too, but we some lunatics
man you n-gg-s should’ve thought before you do the sh-t
tried to shoot a video on my corner but we shoot the sh-t
if you a b-tch now tell the media that you a b-tch
i don’t tweet, i tell that n-gg- pull up bring some food
all my zombies in the projects will devour you
and it’s easy to keep the tool but you don’t know how to move
and you n-gg-s ain’t strategic, and you moving loose
my n-gg- caught him at the wrong time with the .22
go this a .22
i ain’t specifically talkin bout you heffer
you n-gg-s ain’t got no b-lls, ain’t got no t-st-cl-s
you n-gg-s p-ssy, ain’t got no b-lls ain’t got no pelvis
cuz if you was a man you wouldn’t be jealous
yall done brought it to a whole other level
n-gg-s getting kidnapped and getting let go
n-gg-s only did that just to scare you
to tell the truth if i was there you would’ve been dead bro
and i feel like it’s a blessing i’m on house arrest bro
cuz you n-gg-s already know a n-gg- hit first
my cousin just got hit up and it f-cked my head up
i was ready to rock and roll, come find my heavy metal
i ask my people “why you move my gun when i went to jail for?”
this house arrest might be a blessing, might be better
what the h-ll happened to that 187
on another note you n-gg-s should’ve know better
n-gg-s know we ain’t the n-gg-s to be f-cked with
but you n-gg-s out here smoking on that f-ck sh-t
oh you know we them n-gg-s from the project
oh you know we them n-gg-s we them zombies
and you know we them n-gg-s boy we about it
and you n-gg-s gookin’ right now smokin mollies
if yall wasn’t smoking mollies y’all would know the deal
how you going against the will
and i don’t call deuces, i call .30s
and i can’t believe bushawn that n-gg- dirty
yea you bout that sh-t you live it but you workin
i don’t care what you did i tell a n-gg- you workin
i keep having visions about these n-gg-s getting wet up
how the h-ll you can’t tell me bout the set up?
and i don’t cop no pleas unless i’m jammed up
the only way you talk to me is about some cheddar
i’m swimming in the pool with my beretta
i been learning moves dancing with the devil
d-mn i heard you ain’t wanna let the draco spray
why the h-ll you even got it anyway?
i don’t even know why n-gg-s gotta be
you should’ve came with bloods you just wannabe
how you rhyme with a n-gg- who stripped you out your jeans?
man i ain’t forgivin a n-gg- who had you on your knees

[verse-youngboy never broke again]
everybody under disguise man they scheming
these hoes will set you up
tell you they love you they don’t mean it
full of syrup, b-tch i’m leaning
smoking dope with the demon
send my younging at your little n-gg- give me a reason
i heard a n-gg- say they turned me up, get off a n-gg- d-ck
don’t like the fact that now i’m blowing up, n-gg- get on your sh-t
i got turned on next montana ain’t n-body give me sh-t
b-tch i bought my own car, started my own dealership
cruising down florida with my burner leaning faded
to tell the truth, i don’t know why these n-gg-s hating
i stay with the 38, i won’t let n-body take me
& i know these n-gg-s plotting, so i don’t smile up in they faces