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lirik lagu slime city encore – koi the alchemist


[intro: koi the alchemist]
i got—
bruh, i definitely got sauce for this one, bruh
i can’t even be countin’ witchu, man
i*i*i*i always feel like this sh*t is ’bouta be nice and solid to you to the heat, bro (woo!)
ah sh*t, bruh!
this sh*t, this sh*t, yeah
this sh*t could be a real*ass banger though
not*not tryna copy the last one, but like*
‘kay! ooh*ooh! yessir!

[pre*chorus: koi the alchemist]
kta, baby, this made in the 70’s
diamond jacketed vvs settles me
bars cannot ruin this slime city energy (okay!)
if i don’t rule, why is feylene so into me? (haha)
p*ssy so good, i done lost all my energy
ride in the streets for the n*ggas who werе with me (yessir)
f*ck a ho b*tch who gon’ take all yo’ synеrgy
drop a whole n*gga who wastin’ your feelings, please (what?)

[chorus: koi the alchemist]
galaxy crazy, i think that i’m ready
i pop off on n*ggas, i think they gon’ hate me
we hop in the trap, and my n*ggas tote heavy
we drop in they dreams, and we locked in like freddy
i talk with my demons, they live, alright? (gang!)
these n*ggas know i’m just a vibe, alright!
if you wanna rock with mine, alright?
then please hop up in my line, alright!
[post*chorus: koi the alchemist]
i could’ve sworn i knew she loved me
could’ve sworn i knew she loved me (a what?)
no i′m not the same, jit (could’ve sworn i knew she loved me)
purple*blue my thing, b*tch (okay! could′ve sworn i knew she loved me)
came from ground up, aye, b*tch (could’ve sworn i knew she loved me)
a underrated king, sh*t (could′ve sworn i knew she loved me)
tendou with the pain, lit (woo! could’ve sworn i knew she loved me)
i pull and push these waves, hit! (could′ve sworn i knew she loved me)

[bridge: mahaji, koi the alchemist]
three! two! one*one!

[verse: mahaji]
i pop up with bands, i pop up with guns
the p*ssy gon’ cum, and no i’m not robbin’ it
eatin’ the sh*t, just gobblin’ it
i f*ck a shawty (yeah!), chase the baddie like robin did (yeah!)
what, you thought i was lovin’ it? (yeah!)
h*ll nah, i’m just fiddlin’
got these b*tches, yeah, they gigglin’ (haha!)
like d*mn! mh*mh
these say*so’s! mh*mh (yeah)
i know! mh*mh (ooh*ooh*ooh)
come over! yeah*yeah (ooh*ooh*ooh)
have a good time! have a good time! (ooh*ooh*yeah)
now you on my surface, ayy, selfish, yuh! (yeah*yeah)
so selfish, yeah, i can’t help it, yeah! (no*no!)
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
you gon’ do whatchu do for your n*gga for me! (me!)
you gon’ do whatchu do for your n*gga for me! (me!)
i heard all these n*ggas pay, you do it for your free! (crazy)
she do it for free, yeah*yeah! (yeah*yeah, yeah she do it!)



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