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lirik lagu 300kolo – kolosantana


intro: paid in full
everything ain’t alright man?
i ain’t eatin!
you ain’t eatin?
what you mean you ain’t eatin, you ain’t making this paper man?
everybody eats b!
f*ck this n*gga!
man don’t look me in my mother f*cking face like that man!
f*ck this n*gga, turn around matter of fact
f*ck this n*gga b
turn around, move up
stay still motherf*cker

lil n*gga be quiet
gl!ck on my hip little n*gga don’t try it
i’m blowing biscotti lil n*gga i’m fried
mouth full of golds, i’m the darkskin plies
that boy not bold you could see it in his eyes
she said that she leaving, well baby goodbye
imma slide on the beat, on the beat let’s slide
that boy got a bean, but a beam on his eye (grr pow!)
lil n*gga that’s purgery
save that beef, n*gga i don’t like jerky
can’t sit still n*gga this that perky
stick make her twerk to the beat like jersey
that boy can’t hang, that boy not worthy
say he can’t shoot he gon pull up with a 30
(pew pew pew pew pew)
lil n*gga that’s curry
ice too cold my sh*t mcflurry
i beat it up then i leave in a hurry
(ha ha ha)
lil baby say cheese
k o l o n*gga that’s me
he whipping the stolo cause that sh*t free
smoked that boy he just like weed
yo yo yo turn that sh*t off bro
what are you doing?
what, what the f*ck are you doing
what am i doing, what are you doing?
i’m rapping, i’m recording…
you’re rapping?
oh you’re a rapper now
no i’m not a f*ckin rapper i just was*
oh so you’re not a rapper…
well what the f*ck do you call this
it’s just fun i just do it for fun
it’s not good. i, i don’t like it
you’re capping for one
y*you don’t have any guns
you don’t have s*x
you definitely don’t have any jewlery
(i have earrings)
all this* all this is cap rap, mr santana
ah… you don’t know that…
and you make your voice way deeper than it actually is…
(that’s because it sounds cooler!)
i can’t anymore
alright, f*ck you, f*ckin looser
f*ck me? f*ck you!
have you heard yourself?
you talk white as shìt, bro
i just be minding my business
the hoes gon talk, but i do not listen
my name hold weight lil n*gga this fitness
they say i got a gift wrapped up like christmas
he not a shooter, that boy is not with it
bird ass n*gga send him up like a pigeon
spinning his block cause that boy wanna fidget
what you gon do with the stick? shoot it?
i bet if you throw me a zip i can move it
they think i’m a clown, and i’m stupid
real rap n*gga this ain’t no movie

lil b*tch i cook up, look up
push*up on me you’ll get popped
tell that boy good luck, you need it
send yo addy, what’s the drop
that boy he broke don’t got no job
that boy he sherm , he make tik toks
we kick that door down if it’s locked
i whip my wrist i make it pop
and it go left hand, right hand
make him do the mop
big money, big racks, b*tch
no this sh*t don’t stop
what you know bout making waves up in that low * tide
that boy be clean even if he got on a bow tie
baby i’m so fly
bro keep a drake and that’s no lie
kolosantana he so fye
b*tch stop tripping you know my
you know i’m big pimping but this stick is not a cane
you know i had to bolt
(whats that, whats that, whats that)
i must be 93 cause all a n*gga feel is pain
n*gga that sh*t sad
but it’s ok cause i’m getting that bag
it took me a minute but now i’m back
i’m just like mike, lil n*gga i’m bad
that boy is a b*tch had to give him a pad
stunt on a f*ck n*gga like dad

k o l o live by the code
n*gga that’s my name don’t call me bro
we on his head
like a fro
smoking that n*gga
just like dro’
3 double o n*gga, til’ i die
i sip that tea
n*gga i sip chai
(uh, what are you talking about)
i do what i want and you don’t ask why
no rap cap n*gga this real life
i was like 10, i got stabbed with a knife
nah, i was five
quarantine, quarantine
instagram live!

bro you definitely got* the knife slipped
when you were cutting pie
i don’t know why you’re sitting here lying to me
(gun c*ck)
what are you doing with that…
rj, now we can talk this out, just put it down
f*ck n*gga. never worry about what another man got going on!