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lirik lagu 3 bois in this piece – kota grizzly


it’s nate and i’m here again i’m gonna k!ll you
got a glock and your moms too
(in the glock in the p-ssy)

[gunshots fired in close vicinity]
ready for this?
three boys in this peice
we got kody we got nate

i tell ya what we gonna do we gonna run this b-tch
we gonna sell them
then we get the drugs
and we tazing mother f-ckers
okay, okay
if you have any questions…


kodys zoomed in
zomed in on yo little d-ck

its nate and im here again im gonna k!ll you
got a glock and your moms too
i’m in here p-ssy going real deep i might nut i might not who knows
gonna run it real fast
im gonna go and eat -ss (eat -ss)
im gonnaa…… i fall
eat -ss imma eat your -ss next
uh oh me and ur mom had s-x
and shes still on my p-n-s
and her name is venus
and shes a tenis player
when im done with her im going to slay her