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lirik lagu now that i’m dead – kotorino


right about now i’m sober
not for much longer
now that i’m dead

won’t need a pocket full of posies
just throw some roses
right at my head

might be hard to believe
it’s easy to breathe
now that i’m dead
trust me as far as you can throw me
just get to know me
now that i’m dead

the song that you sang in the shower
gets louder and louder
now that you’ve left

it wails round the house like a siren
i close my ears hiding
under my empty bed

come on man
don’t be like that man
don’t be such a cry baby

you don’t understand man
i’m damaged and broken
you can’t help me

come on man
don’t be like that man
we’re damaged we’re broken
and still we get by, baby
cry baby
don’t cry no more
up in the sky there’s a ghost
in a glass bottom boat
floats overhead
he let’s down his line and he’ll watch
whisper “i got you” under his breath

and on today it was me
chasing a dream
tripped heels over head
he reeled in his line and said
“jack, i can’t throw you back
now that you’re dead”