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lirik lagu tommy hilfiger – kri$h


yeah yeah

following is a drug is a drug i left, i can never relapse
moving solo applying my own visions and plans
check between that get all your whole street cred disfigured
‘make everything great that is known about you a different picture
i’m a different kinda n*gga not a house n*gga but a field n*gga
expecting no rewards for always keeping it real with you
n*ggas like me age like fine wine tommy hilfiger
still warning up but they put me on a pedestal, n*gga
sometimes i feel likе this is my purpose in life
making a change, touching souls through thе things that i write
i can’t deny it
my mind*field is broad , i let them come inside it
and cleverly tell you about through the sonics
never loose the drive
n*ggas is slimming , they tired of trying
and end up part of every gossip and every riot
ain’t falling in that trap
ask yourself where is that going to leave you?
go back to the hood and look around, you might see the preview
keep going, i won’t mislead you
life is full of highs and low
how strong you are will determine where it will lead you
and i stay god*guided, b*rabbit stay ignited
i will never fumble
you can never see me gone that’s how the cookie crumbles
till today i stay humble, staying far from trouble
but if it follows me, it’s over
i’m way colder
living life like a high roller
i’m past all y’all we can’t be in the same folder