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lirik lagu our song comes on – kristina maria


our song comes on

every time our song comes on
i die a little more i can’t listen to the radio
because it only reminds me of you
and how you’re gone
happens every time…
every time our song comes on

we used to dance so close
we used to dance so slow
we used to kiss, kiss for hours
and listen to the radio

we used to speak in tongues
a language only we knew
i lost the heart…heart of myself
baby, when i lost you


we used to park your car
on the dark side of town
in a world…a world of our own
so deep in the love we found

why’d i hurt you so bad?
why do i do what i do?
give anything to take it all back
and make it up to you


mister deejay, show a little mercy
please don’t ever play that song again
because when you do, it breaks my heart in two
and i remember when…