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lirik lagu stay breathin – kruelz


stay breathing

[pre hook]
i’ll die for my n*ggas dawg
my gs, i’ll die for my n*ggas
yeah, i’ll die for my n*ggas
and if they touch cells i’ll write to my n*ggas

stay breathing (stay breathing)
bruddahs wanna watch my face (but i’m still livin yo)
stay breathing (stay breathing)
n*ggas wanna flock the babes (but i’m still livin yo)

[verse 1]
my attitude’s bald cos i hate hair
mum said she wants to see me fine like the bus fair
life ain’t fair, i swear i’m living in a nightmare
too many snakes here
n*ggas tellin me i’m hot dog
so i guess you are what you eat
if there’s bread on the table then i’m taking a piece
they wanna see me deceased
friends are the ones that i’m trusting the least
cos even [?] watched him crucified
but they weren’t there when he made bread multiplied
same sh*t still happens to they allie
history repeats itself i’m hardly surprised
haters wanna me fall or locked up inside
forget being runner up i’m taking the prize
[?] in your presence they’re starting to mime
[?] scheming i’m planning my downfall
and i petend to not see them like i got my eyes closed
n*ggas like kruelz are the ones that i keep close
what’d you say fam?
n*ggas like kruelz are the ones that i keep close

[pre hook]

[verse 2]
they stay scheming, but i’m still breathing
i grind hard my team stays creaming
tryna keep my head above the water level
tryna re*invest so i can drop out shotting pebbles
yeah you can’ see me
i’m far*gone i can’t see you in my rearview
money got me deaf i can’t hear you
the haters are a myth, i’m gonna break through
yeah but i’m still stressed
i can’t sleep with a lot of pain in my chest
haters tryna put me to test
little d*ckheads tryna put me to rest
mum said take it easy
you’re only 18 you’re still my little baby
i hear that mumzy i’ve got big dreams
i’m tryna make us live comfy
getting money maybe drop out the gang sh*t
so we don’t bang sticks
we just stack chips
but violate and i will bring out the candy
you want war but i can tell you never planned it

[pre hook]

[verse 3}
i’ll ride for my brothers
kruelzy, brother from another mother
sick of this life tryna get the b*tter
i be doing this tryna make my haters shut up
i’m a nutter, when i jump on the beat
crazy f*cker when i step on the streets
n*gga, i stay breathing
cah i’m only out for the ps
f*ck beef
want beef yeah hold some t**th
strap to your chest no dungarees
two sticks no chinese
n*gga i’m greaze n*gga n*gga i’m greaze
come like the tax man, give me some ps (gimme dat)
dirty or legit money
all*day tryna get money

[pre hook]

[verse 4]
i ride for my n*ggas
and i stay makin liz
so i ain’t got time to be dating chicks
nah i ain’t ever chasing chicks, i stay chasing liz
but n*ggas wan snake on kruelz i guess they hating him
no permission, touch p*ssies like i’m raping chicks
i leave p*ssies red, when i ride in hoods
if it ain’t temps on my right then i ride with hoodz
for my real dons i’ll be riding
and if they ever catch case i’ll be writing
keep a stack to the side, when they’re fresh home
money man i break bricks no leg [?]
fake rappers they ain’t real they just chit chat
they ain’t down for beef, they just down to l!ck yats
i ain’t muslim no halal so beef i never bless it
tryna blow get to the top, up, like i’m getting credit
see i was broke, but now i got a stack bro
pop couple squares with anto
yeah and i slang os
now i got every good chick goin bad bro
back then empty fridge, nothin there to choose
then i started squares and food
no pedals i was flippin them zs
[?] got naan, like the indian bread
i stay breathing
chicks like my heart, stay beating
only god that’s above
only god that’s above, and for him i stay kneeling
success is for i, like the purpose of glasses
stoney on my *rs*, so i guess i’m a target
kruelz, yeah i stay breathing
if you wanna try dead kruelz stay dreaming x3