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lirik lagu 5pm – kulture


they say your known by the company you keep
that means my whole crew deep, your too shallow i can see
and some say i changed but i remained me
now my flow streams, through my body let the pen bleed
asking myself can i be what i imagine
theres nothing like making a living of your p-ssion
told myself that somehow i would find a way
mic stand on the side, i would grind away
four words for the people, “listen to the truth”
pacing every move, so before i leave this earth
ima get what i deserve, life spins like the record
calling your own scenes, be your own director
kept my heart at home, and my mind in my zone
i gave my soul, fell down and then i rose
to share with y’all these dreams they couldn’t see
used to fear me cause of what they couldn’t be
they never believed and always quick to doubt em
now we find ourselves surrounded
by dimes we never count em confidence on a thousand
thoughts be so clouded we on another level still persevering
got demons whispering to me but i don’t hear em
these whack acts saying they close they ain’t even near em
taking this sh-t to the top power steering, your now hearing
one of the finest, the flow is priceless, my ideas brightest
give you my truth but you prefer the lying
not gota lie to kick it, haven’t seen you for a minute, you should come visit
i just been reminicing, seeing all my closest friends become distant
while you wishing im watching dreams turn into fruition

cause really i been spending my days in solitude
its not that i been selfish im just doing what i got to do
better yet doing what i love to do
putting in work cause life can take a lot out of you
it leaves you drained, but you got to get up
can’t ever give up, my teachers saying i ain’t write enough
but i rather talk about some real sh-t than bullsh-t
college is a tool but you got to know how to use it
to get that paper, find ways to get that
so you can chill later, on you desk and kick back
and if you ever fail thats a lesson learned
leave it in the past cross before your bridges burn
man on fire theres nothing that can hold me back
this is my plan, im the man and i know i can, the city on my back
premature thoughts, most of them can’t conceive it
what i see is my reality, you gotta believe to see this
what i gave to spit on the mic came with sacrifice
having conversations with god about the afterlife
i gotta lot of questions but will he answer mine ?
will i make it form the thousands doing this will i shine?