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lirik lagu sound of the wind – kumi tanioka


dreaming of the stars on high
that speak to me in secret sighs
drifting on a breeze only i can feel and hear

could it be the sacred wind?
that’s calling me to now begin
to walk into the dark carrying the light of tomorrow

the beating of the wings up high
beyond the earth, beyond the sky
come now, don’t hesitate
don’t look back, we’ve got to go now
don’t fear
you’ll be safe from now on
morning sky watching over all

deep inside, so silently
my heart will speak
deep inside of me
memories fl!ckering and shimmering on еndlessly

keeping close to the path
morning sky watching ovеr all

moving over endless mountains, oh so high
walk into the light
your heart will see the path and you will find the way
just wait and see
moving over endless sky, oh so high
tomorrow will follow
and it holds your promises today
just wait and see

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