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lirik lagu 0 to 100 (freestyle) – kurt rock


[verse 1: 0 to 100]
came up from the trailer park still white trash
i have a little money not entirely broke
you think you can make it just because you drink, jerk off, and smoke

take a drink then you choke
you bluff not gonna joke
all you do is try to make a wish and just hope
i’m catholic just like the pope
don’t sit there and whine and mope
you’re probably too high on dope (just marijuana)
shake it like nicki’s twerk video it is a motherf-cking anaconda
sitting in my room trying to make a tune
wanna stay independent, don’t need a label
i’ll start my own cause b-tch i’m grown
i was sitting in my room when i was 12
first started rapping, i wasn’t good at it first
so i waited a couple years to make it out the dirt
if i’d release it then my career won’t work
just like miley thank god she is retiring because she can’t twerk
and you are unemployed and a stoner because you don’t work
i go up to the store clerk and buy 2 redbull’s and 1 monster

ride my bike and i went so godd-mn fast
i was lucky their wasn’t d-mn pig on my -ss
some people ask me why i don’t smoke gr-ss, because i don’t want to end up like your lazy -ss
i’ll get in your car and hit the gas
pull over dump gasoline on it
then i sling shot a lighter on it
it went boom boom pow like black eyed peas

if you don’t like my raps you can suck on deez nuts
don’t try to f-cking rant with me on twitter cause i don’t give 2 f-cks
i don’t pay attention to the bullsh-t
you can go eat horse sh-t

i just came from the kid that’s white trash and has a pair of broken beats by dre and a pair of ripped adidas
have to use duct tape on em to keep them together and an ipod touch that don’t work
now i have jordan’s , new beats studio, an iphone

i went from 0 to 100 real quick, real sh-t
0 to 100 real quick, dope sh-t, dope sh-t
not lying about this sh-t, i’m done with this sh-t b-tch

[verse 2: the catch up]

i just don’t know how it is
i managed a band then it collapsed
ap0k01yp$e went to sh-t
now there is a new band

going to get some dirt on my hands to get the paper
i don’t want my career to blow away like water vapor
i think i’m at the point of my career where things are going to get done
i really wanna have some fun
freestyling to drake beats til i freestyle to meek’s

no my sh-t ain’t cheap
i get good sh-t
not chief keef, solja boy sh-t
i get dope sh-t like em and nas sh-t

i guess thats all i got to say b-tch real sh-t

[bridge: james blake]
whole squad on that real sh-t
could it be the way life will catch up (x9)