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lirik lagu summer in da city – kuumba


shout out to phife dawg, rest in peace

(kuumba verse)
people say nothings perfect but who the h-ll are they
how they gon’ tell me how i feel on this perfect day
waking up to my internal alarm, avocado and egg wrapped burrito-style in my palm
can’t forget the cayenne pepper, i used to skip breakfast but now n0body does it better
as i watch the episode of mr. robot i missed this week, i’m chillin’ you get the gest i speak
looking at pics and videos from the night before
then i head out to buy records from the vinyl store that i adore
reminds me i got a number last night and it promising
this woman’s got a way about her she astonishing amazing like mich-lle obama
ima call her later today i don’t care what you say
i’m walking with the swag of a man who just won a gold medal
i’m black and i’m hot baby but no kettle

dogsimas: people rushing undercover from the sun up
kuumba: from miami where the streets can be grimy
dogsimas: at dark people running from undercovers
kuumba: on to better things my worries behind me
both: in the summer in the city 4x

verse 2
i got a forty and a blunt like das yo it’s dogsimas i’m lost for a second i forgot who i was
every single word i speak i speak in gravitas, i’m like the boss better yet regional manager
like jeru in ill damage ya man handle ya strangle trample ya
like flock of seagulls with the free flow, no ego all id like a druid
i bend like around me astounding in the mountains looking down on these clowns
tryin to get up on the words that i pr-nounce yo it’s the hound i come down
like a midsummers rain in the night to tight to write i bring the light
in the middle of the darkness hark this spark this and p-ss it back dogsimas


verse 3
dogsimas: fools smoke weed pens i remember when we was smoking weed stems
what it is? do dabbed smoking till they’re paraplegic it’s the stoner olympics
ya boys a decathlete gripping cleats to the street never half step stuck
it’s the kid no shmuck don’t hesitate best to duck cause i throw first blows first

kuumba: feeling inspired while people-watching while i’m in my zone
feeling the rhythm of the city though i got my own
let me record these thoughts i’m having just in case
i’m having h-lla quotable lines coming from this place
in my mind sports bar unwind, craft beer and lemon pepper taste so divine
this teriyaki flavor is blazin with the parmesan garlic and the cajun