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lirik lagu 333 – kvilan


this beat 66, still haven’t mastered sh*t
i just clean you up, with the nasty sh*t
giving me the blunt gotta pass the sh*t
i don’t gotta stunt, i’m an actor b*tch
this my life on vhs
pulling the plug asking what’s next
got my feet on the desk
ask you what it means, lil’ b*tch respect
i don’t run out breath
take a breath if i said too much
might spike my hair, might spike the punch
i packed the nicest lunch
turkey and cheese, never doing beef
got your girl on her knees, i got shiny t**th
maybe a little yellow, but the breath fresh
make ladies say h*llo when i’m best dressed
smooth like young melo, hit the left, left
nothing left, left

it’s a party so we crashing sh*t
hit it hard make it look like an accident
turn up the volume to max and sh*t
gotta cover up now, go and mask my sh*t
whip hard got the axle bent
gotta pitch a tent, gotta switch the rent
got my pistols loaded and the signal sent
the goose is loose i need a new noose
so i can hang and tell em it ain’t no thang
to go and hit em with the chide bang
so f*cking cold like i got a chain gang
its loyalty over love, do the math ho
yeah, you talking sh*t, you an assh0l*
shawty on my d*ck, nah, no cash flow
make a dollar quick, take it back all tho
that’s how the tax go
(uncle same suck my d*ck
ya heard?)

give me the beats i just pick a rhyme
clocks in the streets i just pick up time
i’m tryna make change so i stick to dimes
my hair goldilocks i’ma stick to dyeing
i’m dead, nails in the coffins
my bed, is empty often
on read, i left your text
and my t**th be flossing
freshest of breath
peace, it’s what, i’m tryna discover
my parents tell me i should stick to rubbers
i tell myself i should change my covers
my music stay new tryna stray from covers
cover the magazine, that’s just the top
i made a whole flip, that sh*t probably flop
at the beach now just kicking up sand
and the toes poking where the lotion?
i be caramel, or maybe low tan
this track make you say gosh d*mn
you ain’t struggling if you don’t eat spam
its christmas in this b*tch
i’m the grinch, hit a switch
lucy lou is my boo
see you not equal
you a bird like a emu
falling off like cheap glue
being a leader, that’s what the chief do
diamonds in my toothpaste
now my t**th blue
follow me now, that’s what the sheep do
saying i’m the king, nah, just a sheikh boo
cop the louis or the bape, that’s my chic boo
ever since the day they said uzi was a bad b*tch
i done turned around start acting like the savage
that i know i can be, i’m just gulping veggies
lotta y’all stuck on canned beef
no free promo ain’t giving y’all no more
i don’t give a f*ck ever since i turned it up
all of y’all got fomo, asking how, ¿como?
catching a glimpse of the satchel i pimp
this sh*t made of llama, can’t call me a simp
put that on mama and my mama’s mama
i don’t need no static, i don’t need no drama