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lirik lagu #uc8contest – kvr


verse 1:

seven to six feet below
i’m not really fond of saving what i need me to go
with the rhymes i’m getting ravenous when seeking ’em all
through the times that i’ve been giving up for these mean -ss hoes
but i try to start paving the road that’ll get me some more
and i bet that the hope will not let itself come
easily from what i saw, an enemy making me fall
i’d better be entering fall on the low-key-board
how many bars have to p-ss away
either verse or chorus, sung or said
through all the chords gotta find the way
to throw these words from the top of the head
and i don’t really wanna care about only velocity
and mumbling motherf-ckers bringing me animosity
my mind on some sh-t unexplainable for any amount of syllables
just hoping it’s what your god doesn’t see
but it all comes to the question “what if i won’t be able to do it
like i want to do it and again i will fail?”
living in a lie, tryna hide what i feel inside
waking up after the ship has already sailed
don’t know really why i can open up only when i write
but when i do it i’ma shooting these bullets
trigger me and like a bullet i will snap when i pull it
the speed is increasing and making ’em please for what i tease in its fullest

verse 2:

and i bet you feel incredible when you be hearing my syllables coming up quicker
wander around with the thoughts gathered across with or without the liquor
spit it for posse or for myself, both really plausible, first to pick now
either way make it as hot as possible, melting your ears ’til you’re sick, i’d
better not make it disposable though if i really wanna grow bigger
bringing attention across the nations until more digits will figure
so with the time i’m adding the vigor and if you’re pointing at me with your finger
one more time i’m releasing the trigger
taking a shot while you wanna be stiring a pot at me whenever coming around
and i will not be giving a f-ck about haters, i begin the end with the ominous sound
when i’m bringing the hound that is living inside of me i be then swearing n-body will stop it
i’m taking you back in the time with the speed of the rhyme and it’s before i’m bucking you down
and i’m making a noise when i’m picking your poison and what the f-ck’s happening within my head
step in if you really wanna end up inside a bodybag in the river
“hit ’em all up with the venom” or “rhythm”, they made it f-cking dead
play with you like boys with them toys to deliver
cut you all up with the knife and then i’ma dive into your liver
and you strive to survive when i’m making your body shiver
don’t even try to begin a strife because you could not be able to do it
and from the beginning i knew it, how many times did you consider
i bet none and there is no chance for you to revive
better be gone as i step up to the mic when arriving
abandon what i live, ’cause that’s what feeling alive is
won’t let go, i will sing and flow until my d-mn life ends