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lirik lagu i guess im fine – kxzia


yup yup
i got
i got

sh*t if i need you how you finna make me rich
i got a new (ew)
i got a new stick
picture this the chain i got be costin way more then ya fit
i done gave this girl my heart and now it’s really f*ck that b*tch

it’s really f*ck the hoe
better watch the way you talkin to her i be cuttin throats
meshach shadrach n*ggas know i “been the goat”
said that she would change for me but all she did was switch her clothes
spent 500 on my shoes like what the f*ck are those? (the f*ck)
you gotta cry over a b*tch before you let her go
i had to cry ovеr a b*tch to realize i was stupid
n*ggas nevеr down to put in pain so why you makin music?
they don’t want me to get a gun cause they know ima use it
they said bro why you be going out cause i be going through it
i still got sh*t goin on but i be pourin through it
told the dj turn the music up boy this that pourin music
made a song the other day let’s make a p*rn too it
got no money you don’t speak my language you a foreign student
you dropped a song the other day im finna snore to it
i don’t gotta kick you out my party let the wh0res do it
put that n*gga on a tee
b*tch im swervin in a u
i might just got and cop a v
i just took a w my ex is still out in the streets
caught the opps they catching zs
i really put that boy to sleep
why the f*ck you on my
why the f*ck you on my meat
if you talkin to my b*tch im finna hang you from a tree
i’m a assh0l* n*gga i’ll get his ass beat
no back talk n*gga you is talkin to the
i’m the owner b*tch
and ain’t n0body f*ckin with you
you a loner b*tch
i don’t know yo lame ass but i know your b*tch
told her that i got a girl i passed her to the clique
all around the world
passport sh1t
i’m a star player n*gga i don’t miss
i’ll give a b*tch a hug i can’t do a kiss
growin up i tried to be a thug i was hittin l!cks

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