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lirik lagu 105k remix – ky bando


eli he first on this hitlist let’s talk the real fakts ya n*ggas ain’t ben sh*t tah u was makk how tf is yu krippin he jaxkin he what his body start glitching eli a rat y tf are u snitching then clip it hold 30 i kall it extensions bro caught a body not catching a sentence once you pull up your time really ticking hope you’re not dissing on tr i let this heat spark so nice to meet ya brodie don got him like 3 cars i needa treesha suh like kima bro toook a flight to the a droppin my sh*t then u gettin erased i might do the tay k if i caught a body i’m skippin the state b*tch i’m tr n0body can take mine hollows hit him he shoot from the base line that n*gga got slap out the greyvine ran in the house called cops at the same time