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grandma's hand - kyros x lyrics


hey hey, ha ha
you know what’s up man
i’m back, kyros is back n*gga
i don’t know why i always take break from this sh*t
you know what’s up man

sh*t, i’m weak ain’t no point telling mе
i was a kid in school ain’t talkin to me
it’s a hurting feeling when you in a room full of peoplе and you feel alone
ain’t no daddy at home, ain’t n0body encourage me
i made me a monster, a beast
grew a tough skin
can’t let this people get to me or hurt me
more than they already did
myself i wanna k!ll, soda got to me
i don’t how to feel
if you never thought about k!lling yourself
you can never understand the sh*t been through
yeah i’m suicidal
talking about faith
i don’t wanna be her n*gga
i just wanna be her side dude
i got rich n*ggas in my circle
diss dem i’m coming at you
i drip nike
i can’t wait, i lack patience
i just ‘do it’
the time is always now
i got parents, they don’t know my destiny
but sent to school
i’m a glory king but got cancelled
i had a dream she was hitting my n*gga joe
no i’m just joking
for real they was f*cking
while i peep

i was born in december
but i remember what happened in november
this sh*t ain’t regular
when y’all n*ggas drop bombs
y’all drop grenades
i drop nuclear
family photo brings pain
the devil took over
number one before number two
this sh*t emotional, too sensitive
i’m holding my tears to get my vocals clear
my peer joe advised me to talk about other things
like; topics, trending, your pain ain’t gon sell
pain equals money
i gotta leave that on the table
pain is what i do it for
cause people make it difficult
to understand where i’m coming from
was alone, me against the world
all eyes on me
but i got grandma
she got her hands on me
blessed me with stories
when she was a teen
she believed she’s going to heaven
i hate the fact that i got dreams
like martin luther king
this dream is too sassy
reporting live from the trenches
in the trenches we never see no heaven
we been through h*ll
look at my character, it’s militant
we’ve been on the road, climbing with hopes
look at dem n*ggas
they fell off
this month i’m getting my sh*t together
handling my business like i’m mr krabs
watching your steps, shooting 3’s like steph
it’s may, and causing mayhem

my b*tch love cowgirl
i bought her helmet
cause she’s a rider man
she calls me clark kent
i just pay her rent, i’m superman
you’d think i’m a serial k!ller
the way i’m k!lling these beats
my pen lethal
i feel like i’m in prison
my bars pushing p
don’t take my n*gga zeem’s job to an outsider
the business and the love make family stronger
bring your gift card and bitcoin
we got ya with da best rate, fastest to pay
hurry up
my n*gga don’t wait

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